Design Sprints

Got a wicked problem? Validate an experiment in 5 days. 

Learn how to get deeper empathy with your customers, unleash ideas that will delight them, validate the ones they will buy or use, and then create a rapid prototype. End the week ready to pivot, persevere, or stop. 

Pulling from the toolkits provided through Standford's Design school, Google's "Sprint," and Eric Reis' "The Startup Way," design sprints are meant to be fast paced, interactive, and requires the decision makers to be involved. 

You can expect a hands-on, fast-paced experience that utilizes innovation exercises, design thinking, and collaboration with others.

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Business Agility Training

Agile, Scrum, Kanban, &
Product Management Training

Classes can be customized for the audience. They are typically between 4 hours and 16 hours maximum. 

  • Product Management / Product Owner Training
  • Design Thinking
  • Certified Scrum Training: PSM or PSF through
  • Kanban, including Portfolio Kanban
  • Agile 101 for three distinct audiences:  leadership, &  managers
  • Lean Portfolio Management

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MVP Garage

Take your 2018 initiatives from idea to backlog in 5 days. 

Phase I: Preparation

Participants in an MVP workshop receive the most value when there is a partnership with the business to prepare a week of jam-packed value specific to your domain.

Phase II: Execution

  • Day 1: Intro to Business Agility
  • Day 2: Create a Vision and Product Canvas for each initiative
  • Day 3: Create teams to deliver
  • Day 4: Validate ideas and create action plans 
  • Day 5: Create a system to self-organize and self-govern as a team

Phase III: Reinforcement 

Consulting, Coaching, or Training as needed

Public Product Bootcamp

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